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AMS Powerprobe 9500VTR

AUD $120,000 + GST

Stock No.: WA-DR557

2007 AMS Powerprobe 9500VTR

3200hrs indicated

In very good condition, regularly serviced and had all hydraulic hoses, filters, etc recently replaced with parts availability very good.

The rig has previously been used exclusively for direct push (geotech and environmental sampling and bores) to <15m (mostly grey sand, with some clay). Can take a CPT/SPT drop hammer, but there isn’t one currently installed on the rig.

It also comes with a remote control, s210 hammer and upgraded two speed auger drive

Approx. $10k of tooling that can be sold with the rig, including 15m of DT35 (3.5”) rods which take 2” acrylic liners.


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