Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC) is a not-for-profit industry organisation that exists to improve the skills and professionalism of the drilling industry. ADITC was formed in 1978 and has been in continuous operation ever since. With Mr. Leigh Davies as the Chairman of the industry committee, he has contributed greatly over many years of service, most recently attributing towards the production of the newly released Drilling Manual. The hard copy of the manual is handsome and durable addition to your information about all aspects of drilling.

ADITC formally represents all sectors of the Drilling Industry in matters related to vocational training and qualifications. Holding a national responsibility to the industry for the direction of industry training and qualifications for the Drilling Industry in Australia.

Providing a number of services to support national waterwell driller licensing, including developing and holding national driller licensing examinations, providing supportive and relevant training courses and chairing the National Uniform Driller Licensing Committee.

The ADITC is trusted as a provider of formal, national qualifications and short courses in drilling and maintain a rigorous standard. Being a Registered Training Organisation to help our industry achieve professional standards. It is the only registered training organisation which provides qualifications at all levels and for all sectors of the drilling industry in all states, and overseas. Contact office@aditc.com.au for easy information about getting national Australian drilling qualifications.


Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) is a not-for-profit organisation with approx. 800 members consisting of onshore drilling contractors, suppliers, consultants and regulators. With a mission to provide professional leadership in the advancement of the drilling industry.

The ADIA actively promotes and supports the interests and welfare of all facets of the onshore drilling industry. The unparalleled experience and guidance of Mr. Leigh Davies, the former Director of the ADIA along with other skilled members have recently formed a partnership with the ADITC to deliver driller training in Western Australia, they also work closely and are a member of SkillsDMC which is the body responsible for managing the drilling industry’s skills competency standards and workforce development strategies.

The ADIA is on numerous boards and committees that focus on improving training standards across our industry. Whilst being advocates to state and federal governments on various issues that affect the drilling industry, the ADIA hold strong links to many industry bodies that share the same goals.