PDR 850
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AUD $250,000 + GST

Stock No.: DI-DR83

PRD 850 mounted on Kenworth 8×4
Dump mast slide away head with hydraulic lock in. Full unique rod handling operating system takes rod out of 350m capacity rod loader with winch on multi angle arm. 250kg slide out top main winch & wire line pulley system. Rated 850m HQ 500m open hole

  • UDR foot clamps
  • KL rotary head
  • 10ton main winch
  • 1000m wire line
  • Archimedes screw
  • Outrigger Jacks

Was Rio Tinto mine coal compliant, with hand rails and all safety features. Also has two extra outrigger jacks for deep hole work. Rig has 800 hrs on it from new very hard to fault.

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