2 Gopher Drill
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Gopher 1000 Underground Diamond Drill Rig

AUD $90,000 + GST

Included in this sale are the following items

Gopher 1000 Underground Diamond Drill
Lighting tower
Brand new hydraulic pump fitted
Jumbo 1000V power box
100m power cable
Various water hoses
Boart Longyear spring loaded foot clamps
Bean pump rebuild kits

Extras-BQ Equipment
127x BQ 3m rods
2x BQ 1.5m rods
10x innertubes
12x Barrels
15x BQ drill bits 6-9 (New)
13x reamers
13x Back ends-pump up adapted
4x water swivels
Groute plugs
7x pairs palm spanners BQ and LTK60

Extras LTK60 Equipment
1x Barrel
2x Innertubes
16x LTK60 bits-10’s (NEW)
29x reamers (NEW)
86x 3m AWJ rods
4x 1.5m AWJ rods

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