RWS Reverse Osmosis Potable Water Treatment Plant


The Remote Water Services reverse osmosis water treatment plant serves to maintain a constant supply of potable water to the site potable water reticulation.

The output of the supply pump is controlled by a dedicated micro-processor based controller in response to an online comparison between the discharge pressure measured by a transducer and the discharge pressure set-point.

The high and low level cut off float switches within the potable water storage tanks control the operation of the reverse osmosis unit.

The plant contains an AquaPro 967 Reverse Osmosis Unit to remove metals and salts in solution. The system contains an anti-scalent dosing unit to prevent mineral scale build-up within the RO membranes.

The pH and chlorine residuals within system are monitored and maintained automatically via dosing pumps controlled by the Acromet WG602 water analyser.

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